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Appetite the Shop

    What We Do

    Office Sales

    We have a team of dedicated sales people who visit offices daily with a wide range of our food including sandwiches, salads, wraps, meals, desserts, fruit salads, juices & smoothies. If you would like us to visit your office please get in touch

    Retail Sales

    A special space created by Appetite. Enjoy the best foodies in a comfy and fresh ambience, come visit us at 'Appetite The Shop', our enthusiastic staff is waiting for you!

    Appetite ON-THE-GO

    Who we Are

    Appetite was established in Dubai in July 2005 by self-confessed foodies; husband and wife team Manar & Suzi, with our partner Nabil.

    Seeing the growing need in the market for high quality, tasty and fresh food we started off in a small but efficient kitchen in Al Qusais with two people and moved to our new premises in Al Quoz in September 2007. We have since added further premises and now have a team of 150+ and are fully HACCP accredited. 

    Meet The Team

    • Suzi Croft


    • Stephen Flawith

    • Ciara Dunne

    • Karolina Martinez


    Suzi Croft

    The wife of the team, Suzi brings the West to Manar's Middle East. Seeing the need for fresh quality food in Dubai over 10 years ago, Suzi gave up her career in the administration sector and started Appetite with Manar. Being a foodie she brought her passion for food to people every day and since then has seen the business grow from strength to strength. With a family in tow, you will find Suzi keeping the business grounded with the ethics that bought the company to life – very simply, we love good food so we make it!


    • The best buffalo mozzarella, semidried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, aged balsamic vinegar, virgin olive oil… with crusty bread.
    • All Asian food, I cannot pick a winner between Chinese, Thai, Indian, Japanese...love it ALL!
    • Proper British fish and chips with lots of salt and vinegar wrapped in paper on a cold and rainy day. Batter must be good or else! Mushy peas a necessary bonus.
    • Crayfish tails salad with a chilled dry vino on a sunny English summers day.... Memories!
    • Zabaglioni the only dessert to make it on…I'm a savoury girl.


    The husband of the team, Manar brings the Middle East to Suzi's West in the best way possible. With a business background and a sweet tooth, Manar started Appetite with Suzi over 10 years ago. With entrepreneurial flare and a passion for customer service Manar is the back bone of Appetite's commitment to exceeding customers expectations. The company has come a long way since its beginning and these days Manar is kept busy taking the company to new heights whilst keeping the core values alive every day.


    • Hummos is still number one on my list (real Hummos not the various interpretations of look-a-like hummos!) & Olives (all types stuffed or not, doesn't matter) with fresh Arabic bread
    • Falafel (the full Monty) pickles, tahina, mint, tomato and parsley.
    • Best possible buffalo mozzarella your hands can get hold of, with basil, tomato & balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing (please add a lot or freshly ground pepper!)
    • Any of my mum's home cooking will do. "Arabic, of course" (Okra, Mulukhia, White fava bean in tomato sauce etc...)
    • A simple beef fillet with fries that could feed Texas with a simple pepper sauce on the side on it. No fuss.

    Stephen Flawith

    With a keen eye to detail and an even keener one as to where his next meal is coming from, you can usually find Steve jittering around Dubai after too many cups of coffee. After 14 years in the business, his indepth knowledge of the creative and hospitality sectors have given him a solid insight into how our target audience think, feel and behave.


    • Powered by Coffee n' Carbs
    • Dim Sum, always Dim Sum and if you give me Dim Sum with soup in it... we'll be friends for life.
    • Cake
    • Cake

    Ciara Dunne

    You can usually hear her before you see her, Ciara brings real heart & flair in to the operation. She has a well rounded knowledge of the F&B industry. From running 100+ seater restaurants in Ireland, she progressed out to the Middle East for a change in scenery and the chance to tackle new challenges. Ciara can usually be found in one of The Appetite Shops, keeping things tight on the ground and helping progress the product to new heights.


    • Traditional Family Roast Dinners.
    • Irish stew and homemade brown bread 
    • Chip buttys!!
    • Anything and everything Asian.
    • Loves a bit of spice with Ravis being a favourite for both food and a little culture in Dubai. 

    Karolina Martinez

    Karolina is a happy and optimistic girl born in Mexico, the colorful country of tacos and guacamole. Being a very active person, she decided to fly away and discover the world. Karolina believes in the people and the power of combining, adapting and creating. Her passion is to travel, discover new flavors, colors, cities and cultures. She loves technology and gadgets and loves to combine them with her crafty skills to come up with unusual but creative ideas and solutions.


    • “I declare myself a Chipotle chili fan!”
    • Combined yogurt - veggies foods, like tzatziki or Raita
    • Tom Yom Soup and any other oriental spicy & lemony food!
    • Fatty Tuna sashimi at Tsukiji market = heaven!
    • Tajin embassador


    Top Foods

    • Anything Southafrican
    • Burrata Cheese
    • Truffle lover!


    We value any comments or feedback so if you would like to get in touch with us we would love to hear from you.

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