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    Healthy Food In Dubai That Satisfies Cravings Of Various Tastes

    Appetite's Marketing Team
    Publication Date: 08 Dec 2015

    The UAE’s health-conscious community is growing; with it, more dining choices have sprouted up to cater to this group of people.  For the clean-living individuals among us, sticking to a particular diet during the holidays can be a challenge. It can be difficult to resist that freshly baked chocolate cake on the dessert menu. Or perhaps that mouthwatering apple pie from your friend? Did you notice that home baked carrot cake with walnuts, in the window of your favourite neighbourhood cafe? It’s to die for. The general consensus between residents and tourist alike, is that food in Dubai rarely disappoints.

    Maintaining a mindful and healthy lifestyle in between special occasions doesn't have to be difficult when you have found the right cafe. With its myriad of choices, most find it easy to enjoy food in Dubai.  Satisfying both the palate and one's desire to be healthy is easily accomplished if you find a cafe that serves tasty as well as healthy choices. If all else fails, there’s always the gym to offset your decadent holiday meals. 

    Here at Appetite, we have been enticing customers since our inception a decade ago. We are truly one of Dubai's hidden gems. Set inside the Executive Towers in Business Bay, our cozy restaurant shop has a certain allure — the atmosphere feels like you're visiting a good friend's home and you can add the fact that we truly understand the food culture in Dubai.  Our owners are a team of husband and wife, Manar and Suzi, along with their partner, Nabil. We source local and organic when possible, always choosing ingredients that taste great as we are passionate about serving wholesome food in Dubai.

    The menu changes seasonally according to the availability of local ingredients, and although our menu offering is small, each dish is creative and innovative - satisfying any health food enthusiast. The nutritional information is included on the website for those who are serious about keeping track of their nutrient intake. 

    Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our café is busiest during lunch as we cater to the office crowd who work in Business Bay. If you are nearby, it's worth stopping in. We recommend trying Paleo Muesli, organic superfood Quinoa and Kale Salad and we love the Golden Power Juice. Below are some of the brand new seasonal items offered on the menu for the holidays:

    So, if you are looking for delectable food for you and yours, here are some tempting choices here at Appetite.


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