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    Sundried Tomato Chicken Wrap

    Appetite's Marketing Team
    Publication Date: 14 Mar 2016

    In our many efforts to keep you nourished, we are back once again to provide healthy tips for healthy living. Are you aware of the wondrous benefits of eating sun-dried tomatoes? Because of their highly nutrient rich properties we suggest incorporating sun-dried tomatoes into your diet right away! They are great for healthy skin, healthy hair and an overall radiant glow.  On top of their unique flavor that is both savory and tart, they contain more bioavailable vitamins than raw tomatoes, making them a super option when you are choosing what to eat for lunch today!



    Sun dried tomatoes:

    • Contain a lot of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps stimulate production of other antioxidants in your body and boost immunity.
    • Contain a high percentage of vitamin A that promotes eye, respiratory, intestinal and urinary health.
    • Contain lycopene, which in addition to its ability to attack free radicals, may also reduce inflammation and cholesterol, improve immune function, and prevent blood from clotting.
    • Contains Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol.) which prevents the development of chronic diseases caused by free radicals.

    This month we have added a new item on the menu that is sure to create a buzz. We have launched our Sundried Tomato Chicken Wrap! A healthy food that is crunchy and wholesome and savory and tart. . .Not to be missed! Get in here!! Eat Well, look good, feel great!

    Ingredients Include: Tender Chicken Strips, Garlic Ginger Paste, Salt, Crushed Black Pepper, Chili Powder, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sun Dried Tomato Paste 

    *Fat Free *Nut Free


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